Meet Mayhem

Mayhem Entertainment was recently founded by partners Tyson Hepburn and Matt Shewchuk. Based in Vancouver, B.C. Mayhem Entertainment’s mission is to produce groundbreaking television and to push the limits of cinematography and storytelling in both unscripted and scripted spaces.

Tyson Hepburn

Executive Producer

Tyson is a Vancouver-based documentary director, producer and creator focused on making adrenaline-infused television for broadcasters such as Discovery Channel and the History Channel.

From a Newfoundland fishing vessel in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to a small single engine airplane over the exotic rain forests of Brazil, Tyson lives for exploring the most remote regions of the world and telling the stories of the unique and special people that live in it.

Tyson is the creator of three doc-series including Pyros, Jacked! and the hit show Cold Water Cowboys, a series about Newfoundland fishermen struggling to run their dangerous businesses in the midst of an intense fishing season. The show struck a cord with the Canadian public, landing it the third highest ratings ever for a Discovery Channel premiere.

With his past successes, Tyson has carried the momentum aggressively forward into the development of unique character-driven concepts primed to be hits on the main stages of network television both domestically and internationally.

Matt Shewchuk

Executive Producer

With over 10 years experience in both factual and scripted content, Matt Shewchuk is one of the busiest and most successful Directors in Canada. A multiple nominee for various awards, he’s been a mainstay on series' such as Highway Thru Hell and Heavy Rescue: 401, both hit documentary series for Discovery Canada. Most recently, he took home a Canadian Screen Award for Best Direction in a Documentary Series for his work on the final episode of Ice Pilots NWT (History Channel).

Matt is strong on the scripted side, getting his start in the business as a Unit Manager, Production Manager & Line Producer, and was an Executive Producer on a self-financed scripted comedy series that was later sold to Comedy Central USA. Matt continues to develop original concepts and will be spearheading the scripted side of Mayhem’s business development.

Currently, Matt is working as a Director and Story Producer on the Discovery Channel series Hellfire Heroes for Hillside Media/Pixcom, a 10-part documentary series about the brave firefighters of Slave Lake, Alberta, and is about head into the inaugural season of a new car restoration series for the History Channel.